The smallest country in South America and the only one entirely outside of the tropics, Uruguay is one versatile jewel, whether you seek unspoiled coastline or scenester beach clubs, eccentric hotels designed like giant sculptures or saddling up for a horse ride with a gaucho. It’s the perfect destination both for a lover’s jaunt or…


Straddling two hemispheres, the smallest of the Andean countries is a biodiversity bonanza with more species per square kilometre than any nation on earth.


“It’s ludicrous this place exists and everybody doesn’t want to live here,” said food and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain about Colombia. Nicknamed ‘the gateway to South America,’ Colombia’s position on the equator, flanked by two oceans, blesses the country with the full complement of verdant landscapes.


“As if you were on fire from within,” wrote the poet Pablo Neruda, “the moon lives in the lining of your skin.” No wonder that he and many of Latin America’s greatest poets wrote about love and life with metaphors from the natural world. They were Chilean; surrounded by the hot-pink peaks of the Atacama…


What do you get the world traveller who has seen it all? Membership to the seven-continents club. Once a destination reserved for hardened explorers, Antarctica is still only accessible to the lucky few. Even so, our luxury itineraries make it possible to experience the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent in the total comfort of…


Despite being sprawling enough to fit all of Europe within its borders and intoxicatingly diverse, Brazil manages to have a cohesive national identity that’s recognised – and adored – worldwide.


An exciting food scene, ancient cities and the full spectrum of landscapes spanning ocean, rainforest, lakes and mountains.


From Lake Titicaca, the mythical birthplace of the Incas and the mirror-like Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, to semi-arid lowlands, savannah, Crayola-coloured lagoons and tropical rainforests, it is a country that captures the imagination of even the most seasoned adventurer.      


From the tango to café culture and boulevards lined with grand French neoclassical palacios, bookstores and boutiques, and blooming with purple jacaranda, the cultural landscape of Argentina’s cities is as full-bodied as its Malbec.