Why book with us

Why choose Dehouche?

You are a traveller not a tourist

Dehouche is a catalyst for busy people to claim their inner explorer. We’ll dream it together, and then do it – reinventing what’s possible, and imagining new ways to get under the skin of a place.

We have built lasting relationships with the most vibrant personalities, expert guides, eccentric hotel owners, and exclusive villas and cruises. We’re here to guide you beyond the tourist traps and to show you the must-see sights in a new light.

We offer you the most authentic trips on the continent, stress-free.

You get that locals know best (and offer the best value)

You wouldn’t ask a friend to recommend a restaurant they haven’t tried themselves. So why would you pay a travel specialist to book one?

Your outlandish requests get us excited because they give us a reason to visit and vet.

Being based here means we recce fast, even in the most remote areas.

The corporate tour model is to hand over the running of your trip to ground agents. If something goes wrong outside of office hours, you can forget trying to get hold of anyone to fix it. At best they will compensate you after the trip and be done with it. It’s a numbers game, and it’s not our style.

We provide a 24/7 concierge in the same time zone, so that you deal directly with us, and never third-party agents. Our clients also have access to a smartphone app to store travel documents and schedules and to send alerts, all updated in real-time. You will never be stuck with outdated recommendations, flight times or essential information, and our experts are always reachable at the touch of a button.

Being based here means we can think on our feet and get things done fast, even in the farthest reaches of the Amazon. It also means we are free of the expensive overheads of companies with HQs in New York and London and we can negotiate local rates directly with our partners, cutting out any middleman mark-ups and passing on the very best value to you.

You believe in good karma

When glamorous resorts and agents charge hefty amounts but pay their staff peanuts, it’s not right. When drivers, guides and operational staff are worried about how to supplement their income, they’re not happy. And you won’t be either.

Everyone involved in your trip is treated with the same respect we show our guests. Ultimately, that shows in the tiny details and it’s the real definition of luxury travel.

We also contribute on behalf of every trip to a reforestation scheme in Brazil’s endangered Atlantic rainforest and maintain links with conservation and community projects at multiple locations. Contact us if you would like to be involved in any of these projects during your trip, or to make an extra donation.