"Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer"

Immersing yourself in exciting new cultures and surroundings is a transformational experience for any traveller. At Dehouche we believe that the transformation should go both ways. We are constantly asking not just what we can get from travel, but what travel can get from us. 

Sustainability and respect for local communities underpins everything we do. This goes from ensuring all of our partners receive fair wages, to monitoring our trips’ environmental impacts, and avoiding any areas that are suffering from over-tourism.  

  • Dehouche partners with a reforestation project in the Atlantic Rainforest. We make a donation on behalf of every client to plant 20 trees, helping to offset carbon emissions and contributing to the regeneration of one of Brazil’s most threatened ecosystems. 
  • We support the “Pack for a Purpose” initiative. Contact us to find out what items would be most of use in your chosen destination to put any extra space in your luggage to good use. 
  • All clients in our main nature and hiking destinations are provided with refillable water bottles. We are constantly working together with our partners to completely eliminate single-use plastics.  
  • We work with several non-profit organisation across Latin America from day care centres to wildlife rehabilitation projects. Let us know if you would be interested in making a donation or volunteering at a local project in the region you are visiting. 
  • Wherever possible we partner with Community Based Tourism projects, ensuring that profits directly benefit local communities and importantly that those communities lead the decision-making processes when developing tourism infrastructure and itineraries.  

Beyond injecting money into local communities and fostering mutually enriching cultural exchanges, tourists and guides also play a vital “guardian” role in more off-the-beaten track locations. This could include helping indigenous groups monitor deforestation threats, or submitting species lists to biology researchers, contributing to biodiversity assessments in previously unexplored areas. It also means letting us know if you see anything that concerns you from animal welfare to poor recycling.   

Tell us about your personal sustainability goals and we will be delighted to advise on the best properties, activities and projects to leave you, the local communities, and the environment, richer for the experience.