For some, luxury travel is Egyptian cotton sheets and champagne on ice. For you, it’s a life-altering expedition. Real luxury is immersing yourself in the wilds of our planet and expanding your horizons. It’s communing with pink dolphins from a dugout canoe on the Amazon river, taking a seaplane to a tropical island barely touched by the outside world or embarking on a Galapagos expedition that would make Attenborough proud. It’s not flying First Class or lightning fast internet. Our adventure trips are designed to make you feel alive, worlds away from everyday life but with the peace of mind that every provision and precaution has been taken care of. South America’s destinations encompass everything an adventurer could dream of, and more. Summit 6000m volcanos in Ecuador, kite-surf on the Bolivian salt flats in custom-made buggies, camp with archaeologists in the remote ruins of Peru or go sports-fishing from a luxury yacht on a remote Amazon tributary. And…shhh…we’ll still throw in the champagne on ice and satellite WiFi if you really want

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